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Gift of Stocks and Securities

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Making a gift of securities is growing in popularity, but many people are unaware of the enormous benefits to both the charity and the donor with this type of donation.

What Are Gifts of Securities?

Securities include anything from stocks and bonds to mutual funds. These gifts of securities mean significant advantages for donors when they are given directly to a registered charity.

What Are the Benefits?

  • If you sell the securities and donate the proceeds to a charity, 50% of any capital gain would be taxable.
  • By transferring the security directly to the Caring and Sharing Exchange, donors avoid being taxed on the capital gains of their gift. They receive a receipt for income tax purposes for the full appreciated value of their donation.
  • Donating publicly traded securities is the most tax-efficient means of making a charitable donation.
  • In addition, for those who are retired and on OAS, there is an additional benefit in that the value of the securities donated does not appear in their income statement. Therefore, they avoid the "claw-back" they would otherwise incur by selling those securities.

How Do I Donate Gifts of Securities?

Donating securities is easy. Through CanadaHelps you can now donate gifts of securities online to the Caring and Sharing Exchange.

The Caring and Sharing Exchange is a Registered Charity. Our Charitable Registration Number is 13097 9172 RR0001.

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