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The Program

Over the years, children from families in need have shown a need for necessities such as basic school supplies, backpacks and lunch kits.

By working together with our partner agencies and corporate sponsors such as Giant Tiger, we aim to provide every child on our list with a grade-appropriate stuffed backpack! This year, we are happy to announce that we were once again able to help every child on our list!

Though we appreciate donations of supplies, financial donations remain the most efficient way to support the program. This allows us to purchase school supplies in bulk in order to make your donor dollar go further. In terms of donating supplies, backpacks and lunch kits are the most needed items!


If you prefer donating school supplies, please see the list of items needed and drop off locations.

Going back to school with their heads held high

Children who are reduced to carrying supplies in a plastic bag and wearing torn shoes can easily become targets of bullying and intimidation. Children just want to fit in and feel equal to their peers.

With the cost of living what it is today, our program will ease a lot of already-tight budgets and will ensure that children go back to school with their head held high!

Give them hope! The Sharing in Student Success Program accepts donations all year round.

How did it go in 2016?

  2016 2015 2014
Total number of applications for assistance: 2,632 2,189 2,248
Total number of duplicate applications found: 171 86 97
Children helped by some of our partnering agencies: 396 521 729
Total number of children on the Caring and Sharing Exchange list: 2,065 1,582 1,519
Children helped with a backpack and supplies from the Caring and Sharing Exchange: 2,065 1,582 1,519
Number of children left unhelped: 0 0 0

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Share in Student Success, Leave no Child Behind

As you may know, the Caring and Sharing Exchange has been the new umbrella name of the organization since September 2011, when a new exciting program called Sharing in Student Success started.

This program provides tangible assistance in the form of grade-appropriate stuffed backpacks.

After the 2016 fundraising campaign, 2,065 children received direct assistance through Sharing in Student Success for the back-to-school season! Another 521 children were helped by other partnering agencies. How do we know?

Just as we have done since 1915 with Christmas assistance, hundreds of agencies in the area were encouraged to register the names of familes in need who required assistance with school supplies. By cross-referencing the compiled list of over 2,187 registered children, the Co-ordination Service detected 171 duplicate applications!

This saved the community $6,840 while allowing your donations to be distributed further to more families, helping thousands of children go back to school with the necessary tools to learn successfully.

With one in five children in Ottawa currently living in poverty, the organizers expect the demand this year to be greater. Let’s give every child the chance to go to school with their heads held high!

As parents, we appreciated so much your warm-hearted offer of a backpack filled with assorted school supplies last summer. I’d like to say ‘Thank you so much’! Your backpack has accompanied our son every day going to and back between the home and school this last year. Every inch of progress my son has made this year was helped by the contributions of your fantastic Sharing in Student Success program!”  – Parents of a 2015 Recipient


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