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Sharing in Student Success 2021

The results are in!

  2021 2020 2019
Total number of applications for assistance: 4,035 3,640 4,454
Total number of duplicate applications found: 339 250 339
*Children assisted by partnering agencies: 676 370 752
Children provided with a backpack and supplies by the Caring and Sharing Exchange: 3,020 3,020 3,363
Number of children left unassisted: 0   0


You can contribute a financial contribution to the Sharing in Student Success program by clicking here.

If you prefer donating school supplies, please see How to donate school supplies to learn more.

For large/bulk item donations, please contact Rebecca at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.We unfortunately cannot use items that are damaged, dirty, or broken as donated items are distributed to children going back to school.

Share in Student Success, Leave no Child Behind

As you may know, the Caring and Sharing Exchange has been the new umbrella name of the organization since September 2011, when a new exciting program called Sharing in Student Success started.

This program provides tangible assistance in the form of grade-appropriate stuffed backpacks.

After the 2018 fundraising campaign, a total of 4,007 children received back-to-school assistance (3,300 through Sharing in Student Success and another 707 through our partnering agencies).

How do we know?

Just as we have done since 1915 with Christmas assistance, hundreds of agencies in the area were encouraged to register the names of familes in need who required assistance with school supplies. By cross-referencing the compiled list of over 4,263 registered children, our Coordination Service found 256 duplicate applications!shutterstock 103225604 transparentsmall

This saved the community $15,945, so your donations were used to assist even more families in need. Our Coordination Service continues to ensure thousands of children go back to school with the tools to succeed every school year.

With one in six children in Canada living in poverty, the organizers expect the need for assistance will continue to rise. Let’s give every child the chance to go to school with their heads held high!

"My name is Jennifer* and I am the mother of Kyle* and Kayla*, my kids benefitted from your back to school program.

"My family and I are so grateful for your enormous generosity. I wrote to share my thanks, my kids are so happy and will be returning to school tomorrow with everything they need thanks to you.

"Be Blessed as you continue to help the community."

 – Mother of 2018 Recipients
*Names have been changed to maintain the privacy of the family

Going back to school with their heads held high

Children who are reduced to carrying supplies in a plastic bag and wearing torn shoes can easily become targets of bullying and intimidation. Children just want to fit in and feel equal to their peers.

With the cost of living what it is today, our program will ease a lot of already-tight budgets and will ensure that children go back to school with their head held high!

Give them hope! The Sharing in Student Success Program accepts donations all year round.

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